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Club Med

Club Med

The Club Med boutique project, located in Mexico City, on Presidente Masaryk Avenue, we started out at the moment we were notified we had won the contest.

This project can be divided into three parts: facade, boutique and corporate offices.

The facade is an original idea from the Ariel Rojo Design Studio; we reviewed the current situation of the city and its commercial avenues. With this proposal we sought to get the pedestrian and bystanders’ attention, but avoiding damage to the cityscape. An enormous vine pavilion covers the upper part of the façade, thus producing a spectacular marquee, brimming with texture, which captures everyone’s attention, inviting them to sneak a peek at the store and to discover, floating over the leaves, the Club Med logo.

The facade’s main elements are: the vine marquee, the wooden passage, and the display. The combination of the three refers us to a holiday environment or a place outside the city. The wooden passage is there to take the passer-by, figuratively, from the streets to an environment of pleasure and leisure, while the surrounding stones remind us of the Oriental zen gardens.

The interior design for the store responds to an existing layout that can be found at the Champs Elysées venue in Paris. However, the design of some of the furniture as well as the accessories’ selection were redefined and conditioned to suit the local space and environment. The main elements for the interior part of the store are: the counter, a waiting room and a consultation area, which consists in three tables surrounded by a thread curtain that descends as if it were a waterfall, down from a lighting fixture, separating the areas on a visual level.

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