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Compostation / Goethe Institut

Compostation / Goethe Institut

Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Mexico joined efforts in order to develop an arts and sustainability project with Mexican and European collaborations, where artists from both backgrounds, through cultural interchange and artistic projects, promoted positive transformations on social, urban and environmental levels for their respective countries. This project started when the Goethe Institut venue in Mexico contacted Ariel Rojo and invited him to lead the collaboration with Industrial Design students from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the staff of the Indios Verdes FARO (Fábrica de Artes y Oficios—Arts and Trades Factory).

This workshop had the goal of discovering and using the vermicomposting technique done from organic residues, as well as exploring the possibility of using art as a catalyst for positive changes on environmental, social and urban levels.

The resulting piece of this collaboration was CopyLeft, a design we make available to anyone around the world that is interested on recreating it to contribute with the environment.

Promoting homemade compost. Build your own bin. Click on this link.

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