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Intervención dar en el clavo (Subasta, cuchara de albañil)

Intervención dar en el clavo (Subasta, cuchara de albañil) (Intervention Hit the Nail on the Head [Auction, Trowel])

A trowel we designed for the auction held by the Construyendo y Creciendo foundation. On this occasion, the foundation invited a hundred plastic artists, writers, architects, musicians, designers and other outstanding professionals to stand in solidarity for the Dar En El Clavo initiative, which consists on the donation of an intervened trowel that would raise money in order to help construction workers, giving them hope as well as the opportunity to continue with their studies, whether they were on elementary, high school or technical studies, thus giving them and their families a better future.

On our intervention, we represented the cityscape, those buildings that could not have been achieved without the efforts of the workers involved on the construction of our cities. The piece is a three-dimensional printing made out of ABS.

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