Ariel Rojo

Ariel Rojo

Managing Director

His passion for design and his willingness to work with multidisciplinary teams have produced opportunities to participate on a wide range of projects. The main goal of his firm is to improve living standards, by combining cultures that enrich universal values through arts, design and the creation of new businesses.

He studied Industrial Design at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) striving to combine his two greatest passions: arts and engineering; however, during the common subjects area, he discovered that architecture offered a very wide range of possibilities. Besides getting acquainted with great colleagues and friends, he had the opportunity of getting involved on important projects such as the contest held to renovate Mexico City’s Zocalo square, on which his team got the first place. His creative curiosity was greatly encouraged, so he suspended his studies in order to continue with his professional development.;

On 2002, as a personal project and surrounded by an environment within which designers sought to replicate what was being made on other places, he conceived MX Reload, a proposal that encourages pondering upon identity, through the reinterpretation of culture as an ingredient for design, besides integrating whichever elements were needed in order to generate environmentally-aware products.

On 2006, he established the Ariel Rojo Design Studio, a firm that is focused on the development of concepts and products located in Mexico City.

Aware that the new generations of designers are the ones that have the future in their hands, he has devoted himself to share his vision on design through lectures and seminars. His projects have taken part on very important exhibitions both in Mexico and abroad, in addition to having received national and international awards, from N.Y. to the Design Olympics of 2010, held in South Korea.