Ariel Rojo Design Studio

Botella Tequila Década.

Tequila Década Bottle

We designed the three-dimensional bottle for the Tequila Década company; we designed for the trademark afterwards, on a collaboration with Joseph Harari. While conceiving the idea, we decided to use the transitions Mexico has been through, from pre-Hispanic times all the way to our days. On the bottom part of the bottle a pyramid can be seen, representing pre-Hispanic cultures; on the top, there is a letter X that holds many meanings: it is a special letter that can be found on both the country’s name, Mexico, and the abbreviation (MX), but it also refers to the cross, representing the transition made onto the Christian culture, as well as to the name of the product, written in Roman numerals. For the logo design, we made a reinterpretation of the cananas or carrilleras (bullet holder straps that went over the shoulders and crossed both back and chest, used on the Mexican Revolution War by the Adelitas). We developed the product’s design on 2010, the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution War, combining it with the idea of the product’s name, Década (meaning “decade”). In order to make an innovative product, we created something different to the products that are currently in the market, breaking the rules of traditional bottles. Its design, besides being attractive, is also fully functional, making its use easier. It was awarded with the Platinum Trophy on the 2015 SIP Awards, on the package design category.
We design to:
Joseph Harari