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Diseño de identidad del Distrito Merced

Distrito Merced (Merced District)

The Government of Mexico City through the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO) and the Metro Public Transportation System celebrate the 57th anniversary of the Mercado de la Merced (La Merced Market), giving recognition to its historic and cultural significance, as well as to all the families, neighbors, merchants, architects, urban planners and economists involved on the “Distrito Merced” project. The commemorative ticket, designed by Ariel Rojo in collaboration with Cítrico Gráfico design studio -invited by SEDECO to the graphic identity project- had an issue of 10 million copies that were circulating through the city. The typography was inspired on the shapes of huacal wooden crates, used to carry fruits and vegetables. The main goal of this project was urban restoration, giving back to an iconic district its identity. Since the pre-Hispanic days, La Merced has been a market and supplies center to this city. The public to which this new identity is offered was conceived to suit both merchants and shoppers. We strive to give the food supply market a sense of relevance, whether it be on a commercial level or an individual one.
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