Ariel Rojo Design Studio

Laberinto de la Humanidad

Laberinto de la Humanidad (The Human Race Labyrinth)

To live is to be constantly making decisions, with multiple ways to go, and even when we are aware of which one is the correct path, our actions are the ones that really determine our future. The Human Race Labyrinth expresses this never-ending search. The outer layer is composed of images that represent an infinity of objects that once were just thoughts, but that now are part of our daily life. The labyrinth is inside. In it, there are the multiple paths one must take in this material world; the visitor can be oriented by signs that will take him, the same way as in real life, along those possible paths. Some will lead to dead-end situations and some will guide them through. Welcome to the Human Race Labyrinth. This installation was presented at the Expo Saye exhibition at the Mumedi (Design Museum of Mexico) located in Mexico City.
We design to:
art installation
acrylic sheets
Omar Ramos