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Librería Educal Ciudad de los Libros

Educal Ciudad de los Libros Bookstore

Located on the northern entrance of the citadel, the Alejandro Rossi Educal Bookstore project is divided into two galleries that focus on different visitors: adults and children. In order to foster reading habits for both sectors on an easygoing and joyful fashion, each gallery has the same design and furniture, with slight differences on their distribution, thus giving the main concept –opening the door to knowledge- an interactive and narrative character. Along each gallery 11 spinning bookcases have been placed; they complete a 180° turn from one point of the space to the other, emulating the turn of a page, of how books open doors to whole new ideas and universes, while also giving the opportunity of changing perspectives. Both galleries have a set of orthogonal furniture, as well as an installation consisting of small, lit books that are hanging from the ceiling along the path, imitating birds, as a metaphor for ideas and stories that are able to fly and be shared. This concept is reinforced through mural paintings –as well as flooring, on the children’s gallery- that represent cultivated fields, the idea of growth, the infinite possibilities imagination gives, and the wide universe that literature culture is in itself.
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