Ariel Rojo Design Studio

Mobiliario Monumento a la Revolución Mexicana

Revolution War Memorial Furniture Line

These elements’ design was commisioned by the AEP-Autoridad del Espacio Público (Public Spaces Authority) onto MYT Diseño design studio, as a collaboration with Ariel Rojo and part of the remodeling project for the Plaza de la Constitución square. This design is inspired on the structures we can nowadays observe within the memorial’s structure, both inside the building as well as on the entrance, speaking on an industrial language where cast iron was used on sheets, rivets and beams, as a sign of the progress and modernity. Other sources of inspiration were locomotive engines and railway systems, because of their relevance on the Mexican Revolution War.; one of the benches was named “Ferrocarril” (“Railway Train”) as a tribute to the long benches that could be found at railway stations. The “Revolución” (“Revolution”) plates are themselves a tribute to every place, character and stance of the Mexican Revolution War. Most of these elements were made out of entirely recycled aluminum, processed and designed in Mexico.
We design to:
urban furniture
recycled aluminum
monumento a la revolución
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