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Mojado (Wet)

According to the Migration Policy Institute for the United States of America, during the period from 2000 to 2005, 7 180 000 arrests were registered at the Mexican border, 2000 being the critical year, with 1 676 000 arrests. The border between Mexico and USA is the one represented by this piece, a place that embodies both exchange and conflict, a bleak territory brimming with myths and reality. It could be the way to working opportunities or the escape from a corrupt country, as well as the way to freedom while running from law enforcement, both ways around. Mojado does not aspire to tell a single story, does not point fingers in any sense, it just represents a place inhabited by thousands of stories and gives the spectators the elements they need to create an infinite number of possibilities. We can watch the emigrants, the mojados, trying to cross the Bravo River to get a job, the soldier fulfilling his duties, the smugglers that guide or abandon, the gang members, the criminals that escape death. Many of the emigrants that manage to cross the border end up having a better life, seeing their dream come true; some of them, as business owners, others, as dishwashers.

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