Ariel Rojo Design Studio

Radio Vecina 1.0

Radio Vecina 1.0 (Neighbor Radio 1.0)

It is a sociological product with which we strived to connect several communities and trades, through the design and development of a piece, as a collaborative exercise that has the potential to integrate our community. We generated networks in order to connect people with basic trades and specific talents within Mexico City, in order to create work dynamics that would be pro-active and inclusive, and where every person involved was benefitted with the process and the results. We developed this project with a social significance, striving to generate civic awareness by developing an approach onto the repair of daily use objects, comparing it to the problem that disposable objects represent; the fact that nowadays most people would rather discard objects rather than repair them, which is on itself cause of many social and environmental issues in our country, was also taken into consideration. We worked with every aspect, from the design of the casing to the circuits that form it. We used turned parts, oak wood, fabrics, etched plates and electronic pieces. With this project we aspired to provoke thoughts and “repair” society, little by little, through the critical analysis of these issues, which in turn would establish new approaches and methodologies, thus contributing with new pieces of work and knowledge. This program gives artists technical possibilities, so they can generate an integrated production and assembly system that would either work as a display mechanism, or operate under the concept of mutable exposure.
We design to:
casa vecina
neighbor home
Jessica Mendoza
Rodrigo Guadarrama
Carsten Lemme
Montserrat López
Fernando Rosas